Why Do I Always Wake Up at 3am? – A Simple Solution

Why do I always wake up at 3am?


If you always wake up at 3am, there may be a simple answer…you are too stressed. Fortunately for most – there is a solution, but first we need to understand why you wake up.

Why Stress Causes You to Wake Up at 3am

Stress causes the adrenal glands to fire off adrenaline. This gives you a burst of energy to deal with stressful situations. Adrenaline also raises the heart rate, increases respiration, dilates the pupils, slows down digestion and causes muscles to contract. It’s like caffeine on steroids!

So if you are stressed or upset it can be impossible to fall asleep, but why does it always wake you up at 3am?

3am is when your liver regenerates. To do so, it needs glycogen. The problem is that adrenaline causes your cells to use up glycogen. So if you are often stressed, your body may not have enough glycogen for the liver to regenerate at 3am. If your liver cannot get the glycogen it needs, your adrenal glands will compensate by releasing adrenalin, which is why you are wide awake and ready for action, not exactly a state you want to be in at 3am.

I Don’t Want to Wake Up at 3am – An Easy, “Do It Yourself” Remedy

If you always wake up at 3am or have trouble sleeping, then we have great news. 95% of our clients who suffer from this issue have reported that they found relief by using the simple recipe below. We always hear about how it has changed peoples’ lives so why don’t you give it a try?

Adrenal Cocktail Recipe
½ cup orange juice
¼ teaspoon cream of tarter
¼ teaspoon Himalayan or Celtic salt

Just mix all the ingredients and drink before bed.

*You may also do this in the morning to deal with stress throughout the day, but always be sure to drink it before bed as well.

To get a better idea of whether or not you may have adrenal fatigue, check out our Adrenal Fatigue Quiz here!

Why The Adrenal Cocktail Stops You From Always Waking Up at 3am

The Adrenal Cocktail is made up of ingredients that replenish vital organs and stabilize glucose levels to keep you from waking up at 3am.

  • Fresh squeezed orange juice gives the liver glucose it needs to regenerate.
  • Cream of tartar is high in potassium, an element that is essential for the sodium/potassium balance in cells, vital organs (liver), muscles, nerves, and the digestive system.
  • Himalayan salt, contains 84 essential minerals and elements found in the human body, helping feed the adrenals and refresh body’s the sodium/potassium pump.

This drink is Miraculous! We give you the recipe for FREE because we have seen it change countless lives forever! The only thing we ask is for you to share it with your family and friends, so that others who are suffering can benefit from it also.


P.S. If you would like to speak with someone about your symptoms, please fill out this Wellness Checkup and we will get in touch with you.


  1. Mike says:

    I wake up frequently every night for past 2 year and so excited to find this cocktail and would like to give a try. The problem is I tend to have chest tightness/pain if I take too much salt without plenty of water. But plenty of water is clearly not an option before bedtime.

    My questions:
    1. Can the himalayan salt be replaced with someting else (non salt)? After all, most of it is purely sodium chloride (95-98%).
    2. If not, the salt and tartar have be 1:1? What about 1/2 tartar and 1/4 salt? or even 1/8 salt?
    3. Is this cocktail meant to regulate/correct andrenal/cortisol disorder? How long does it usually take? Or do I have to take it forever and the insomnia will come back once I stop it even after I take for several months?

    Thank you so much.

  2. Diana says:


    I am under a nutritionist and l am instructed to do the below:
    100ml organic O.J
    1/4 TSP hImalayan pink salt
    1/4 tsp cream of tatr tar as soon as l rise in the morning
    At brekkie
    1 x fish oil tablet and l x magnesium
    At 3.00pm repeat the o.j, salt and tar tar

    With dinner another fish oil tablet
    time for bed another magnesium tablet.

    I have never felt so energised and alert with so much energy.
    Great night sleep and feel fresh in the morning.
    I am told the O.j mixed with the salt and tar tar regulates your thyroid.
    This is my ritual and l am very happy with the results.
    By doing this l have also lost weight and do not crave sweets at all.

  3. Nancy E says:

    Hi I would like to try this adrenal cocktail for sleep. I have Type 1 diabetes, adrenal fatigue, Hashimoto’s, Fibromyalgia & CFS and Lyme’s. Detoxing is a big part of my regimen, staying away from toxic food and body care products. I have read that altho Cream of Tartar is on the GRAS, it comes from Tartaric Acid which apparently is very toxic. Have you researched this at all?

  4. test says:

    test 2

  5. Vicki says:


    What is an oj substitute, as I am alergic to oj and most fruits? Been waking primarily around 3 am the last two months or I alert at night.

    Thank you ,

  6. tammy says:

    I have suspected I have adrenal fatigue along I also have hashimotos and hypothyroidism. I have felt like death lately so I thought I would give this a try I know I need to heal my adrenals first and let me tell you this is the first morning I woke up with any kind of energy and was able to actually get something accomplished this morning. I had a great sleep and woke up with energy in the first time in forever. I hope this means my adrenals are on the way to healing thank you so much for this cocktail I hope this is the answer I have been looking for along with getting lots of rest to try to heal them. My mom passed away six months ago and I have also went through multiple surgeries due to a botched hysterectomy so if anyone has adrenal fatigue it wouldake sense that I do. This drink has allowed me to get a good night sleep and also some energy during the day which I haven’t had in six months. So thank you from the bottom of my heart I pray this continues to work. I also have a question I have low potassium which they don’t know why I currently take 20meqs a day this is not going to cause me to overdose on potassium is it?

  7. ravish says:

    i m not able to find cream of tarter in india. any substitute for this?

  8. sheila says:

    I’m concerned about the adrenal cocktail and potassium sparing blood pressure pills like Cozaar. Can we still take this pill or should we take it hours apart from the adrenal cocktail or at all?

  9. Susan says:

    Hi, I tried this, the first night I woke up every hour. The second night I slept through and it’s been wonderful up to date. I can’t stand the taste of the salt, so I only take a pinch or leave it out completely and it still works. I think you guys put me on the path of healing in 2 days where doctors were pumping me full of cortisol because of my adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues. Thank you I feel like a million bucks!
    People tell me that waking up at 3h33 am is because of evil spirits and witches hour etc. and I just smile. Its such an easy fix. I also suspect that the adrenaline shot every morning was one of the biggest reasons for weight gain and inability to lose weight. It will take a while before I can confirm this, but I will be back!

    I also With started taking high magnesium dose, Vitamin D3 and omega just before bed to help my liver, seems to be working great

    Thank you for sharing this with us, you are wonderful!

  10. Susan says:

    Hi, I tried this, the first night I woke up every hour. The second night I slept through. However, I can’t stand the taste of the salt, so I only take a pinch. With that, I take high magnesium dose, Vit D3 and omega. I think you guys put me on the path of healing in 2 days where doctors were pumping me full of cortisol because of my adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues. Thank you I feel like a million bucks! Magnesium makes you feel chilled, so it helps with sleeping through.

    Thank you for sharing! If one more person tells me waking up at 3h33 am is because of spirits and witches hour etc, I’m going to laugh. I also suspect that the adrenaline shot every morning was one of the biggest reasons for weight gain and inability to lose weight. It will take a while before I can confirm this, but I will be back!

  11. Susan says:

    Hi, I tried this, the first night I woke up every hour. The second night I slept through like a baby. However, I can’t stand the taste of the salt, so I only take a pinch. With that, I take high magnesium dose, Vit D3 and omega. I think you guys put me on the path of healing in 2 days where doctors were pumping me full of cortisol because of my adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues. Thank you I feel like a million bucks! Magnesium makes you feel chilled, so it helps with sleeping through.

    Thank you for sharing! If one more person tells me waking up at 3h33 am is because of spirits and witches hour etc, I’m going to laugh. I also suspect that the adrenaline shot every morning was one of the biggest reasons for weight gain and inability to lose weight. It will take a while before I can confirm this, but I will be back!

  12. Susan says:

    Hi, I tried this, the first night I woke up every hour. The second night I slept through. However, I can’t stand the taste of the salt, so I only take a pinch. With that, I take high magnesium dose, Vit D3 and omega. I think you guys put me on the path of healing in 2 days where doctors were pumping me full of cortisol because of my adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues. Thank you I feel like a million bucks! Magnesium makes you feel chilled, so it helps with sleeping through.

    Thank you for sharing! If one more person tells me waking up at 3h30am is because of spirits and witches hour etc, I’m going to laugh. I also suspect that the adrenaline link every morning was one of the biggest reasons for weight gain and inability to lose weight. It will take a while before I can confirm this, but I will be back!

  13. Marty Gerace says:

    Have reflux, cannot do orange. Cannot do magnesium, causes diarrhea.

    • Joy says:

      I had the same problem Marty! I started taking Remag (read about it in Carolyn Deans book Invisible Minerals) and what a difference. No diarrhea. Both her books on minerals are chocked full of useful info. Good luck. :)

    • Rebecca says:

      You can put Vitamin C powder in water instead of oranges. For Magnesium that goes into the cellular level and doesn’t go through the digestive tract check out Dr. Carolyn Dean’s magnesium product.

    • Mike says:

      Unsweetened cranberry juice? Also, Maybe Frozen Orange juice concentrate would work? The bottled kind that isn’t frozen has Salyctic Acid (sp?)

      For the magnesium, split the dose up throughout the day. possibly combine with Iron to counteract the effect.

      Just ideas

    • Mic says:

      Chelated Magnesium will not give you diarrhea. I use Chelated Magnesium every night.

  14. James says:

    That still doesn’t explain why always at exactly 3:00 AM. not a minute before or after. It doesn’t matter if I go to bed at 10:30 PM, 1:00 AM or fall asleep on the couch at 8:00 PM. I wake at exactly 3:00 with a hot flash, sweating like a pig and kicking off any covers. I usually strip down to my underwear (if I wasn’t already) and I’m still burning up. After a while of tossing and turning like that (usually a half an hour) I get cold, get back under the covers, curl up in a ball to keep warm and go back to sleep. And I don’t wake again until the alarm goes off. Stress doesn’t explain exactly 3:00 AM every time.

    • Hi James.

      I ‘m not sure I understand why stress can’t explain your issue here. Our bodies get into very specific rhythms and regardless of the time you go to sleep, other rhythms may still play out. All you have to do is look down the thread here and you will learn about the possibility that no one (not even a doctor) can tell you exactly what’s wrong. In many cases, we are all left to explore and trying things to figure out what works.

      If you want, we are happy to have someone connect with you about your symptoms, but they will need you to fill out a wellness questionnaire (link below) to get a 360 degree view of where you are at currently. If you want to go that route, feel free to fill it out and someone will be in contact with you.


      The RejuvInstitute Team

    • John says:

      Me too…. Exactly 3AM every time it happens… It is like I am being microwaved or something… Everything gets instantly hot for about a half hour…

      Then as quick as it comes it goes and the room feels cold again.

      This happens at nearly the exact time every time regardless of when I went to sleep.

      I have just been reading comments everywhere and everyone is reporting the same thing 3AM.

    • David says:

      I have exactly the same symptoms. Wake up sweating and hot at 3 am or so, no matter what time I go to bed.

    • Kae says:

      That heat flash–I have it on occasion. It seems best mitigated by taking part of my daily natural desiccated thyroid just before settling in for the night. Thyroid issues and adrenal issues often crop up together. The moderator here does direct folks to their page on health checking. I haven’t looked but maybe they ask about thyroid issues there. If I forgot to take that last pill at bedtime, I will take it when I wake up sweating.

  15. Christine W says:

    I tried this last night, it has made things 10x worse. I went to bed at 9:30pm, woke at 10 and then every half an hour after until 5:30 when I had to get up. I am frazzled and in tears, this just was the worst night sleep ever. I was so looking forward to this helping me after everyones wonderful comments, but it has done the opposite. Does anyone have any other suggestions to stop the continual waking during the night. Many thanks for any help :)

    • Mel says:

      Drink magnesium.
      The vitamin shoppe sells a magnesium powder called natural calm . It’s life changing. I recommend reading up on magnesiums effect in the body. It’s a natural relaxant. Just be careful, start out slow. It can have a laxative effect if too much Is taken.

    • meg says:

      Research sleep 1 and sleep 2, and Polyphasic sleep. I think we weren’t supposed to be cramming all this sleep in at once.. also most of us complaining are a bit older and the chemical changes and drop in hormones will change how we sleep. I had insomnia since 17, then jaw issues with bruxism since 23 and that will definitely keep you awake, now menopause was the last thing I needed. After years of multiple medicines sometimes at the same time, there is no one fix, and after the 3rd year ambien had opposite effects and i had to stop. I slept for perhaps 1 hour a night for weeks. My only way of fixing, and perhaps a suggestion to everyone who is older, was to except I was going to wake up often, in fact once I stopped trying to sleep and pretended I was just going to stay up, maybe lie down a bit but I just planned to watch tv most of the night i felt better. It took 6 months of adjusting. I think I need to realize I’ll never sleep 8 or 9 hours like I used to, and also realize it’s normal to wake up- people were sleeping 3.5 hours, then getting up for 2 hours and reading, writing, some even visited friends in the middle of the night, everyone was on this pattern for 300 years or more. Then they would get 3.5 hours more before dawn. Also some would nap, and i remember working I never could work 8 straight hours, your good in the morning, a big lull, then maybe a 2 hour productive period later on. We weren’t meant to work this long, or then cram in sleep all at once. Once you realize that the waking get less stressful. Still do things to help, I still take benadryl just to get me tired enough to think about going to bed, I’m so afraid to try to lie down now unless I feel totally tired cause it’s just too painful. If i can just lie there still in the middle of the night, it is restful, i never was a proponent of you must get out of bed in 20 minutes – that would just wake me up more. If this drink doesn’t work, then maybe that’s all the sleep you can do, plan on being awake for an hour, lie there, or read, and try to sleep later. I also get the racing heart, i think it has to do with transition between sleep phases. Reading a lot of how we used to sleep in two cycles has made me feel much better, we are all trying to sleep a certain way because of the invention of the lightbulb. Unfortunately menopause has changed my sleep cycle from later and later, i now sleep from 5 am to about 12 pm, and the best sleep I get is at the end, it feels more like a nap sleep not night sleep. Unless we can completely replenish our hormones to be like age 18, we will just not sleep the same.

  16. link says:

    Your style is really unique in comparison to other people I have read stuff from.
    I appreciate you for posting when you’ve got the
    opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this site.

  17. Jason says:

    Had this condition off and on for a long time now, probably more “on” than I realise though. Constantly tired and not having a ton of energy during the day. Waking up between 3 and 4 and worrying hard about the day immediately!
    Found this site yesterday and tried the drink last night. While I did wake up @ 230 and was in and out of sleep til 4 and then just up, I didn’t have that initial panic. Maybe tonight will be the next step…

  18. mlm says:

    I found this article early last week. I have suffered from this issue for years.. I take 15-20 thousand units of vitamin D3 to not have menopausal night sweats. Adding this concoction to my 9:30PM routine, let’s me fall asleep & stay asleep until 6AM.
    I have shared your recipe with friends & family. Thank you for the recipe.

    • Mona lewis says:

      15-20 thousand IU s of vitamin D?? Hope you are under a doctors care and getting your D blood count checked!! That is Extremely high and toxic!!

      • Diane says:

        Actually, it’s not that risky. Times have changed, research has shown otherwise, and if you do some googling you’ll soon be up to date. My functional medicine doctor has me on 10,000 IU per day and that’s not extreme at all, considering I’m dealing with an autoimmune disease and get very little sunlight. From what I read, most of the population is deficient, even those in sunny climates, and it’s causing all sorts of problems. If I don’t take my D, I get very depressed and don’t sleep well. Sure, I need to get outside more, but I just don’t have time to put one more consistent daily thing into my schedule.


  19. Mariela Rodriguez says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the recipe! I have been waking up at 3am everynight ever since I gave birth to my son who is now 5 years old. It helps me sleep wonderfully, however until 3am. So, I decided to up the dosage to 1 cup of OJ and 1 teaspoon of Himalayan salt and 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar, but still wake at 3am. Kindly let me know what do you suggest, as after FIVE years of being sleep deprived, I am willing to try anything. Thanks again.

  20. tulipwood says:

    Hi – wondering are there any women in menopause who have tried this and found it successful? Much of what i read about waking up like this during menopause is related to low estrogen levels. I wake up shortly after 2 am nightly and am then wide awake until 5ish…ugh.

    • paula says:

      Thank you for the info. regarding estrogen-I think your adrenals have to start making estrogen after menopause.

  21. Allen says:

    I just started this last night. Slept until 4:30, (which was my normal body wake-up time for years). I was able to lay in bed very relaxed until it was time to get up. My question is how long do people normally need to stay on this cocktail. I have only been having this sleep problem for about 4 months.

  22. Sheri says:

    Will a Vitamin C pill work, I can’t drink the orange juice, too acidic for my stomach.
    Anything to stay asleep:)

    • Leaking Ink says:

      Try fresh-squeezed orange juice from your store’s Appy Dept.
      It isn’t acidic. I use Natalie’s brand in plastic jug.

    • irene says:

      try warm milk and honey

    • Diane says:

      You can use vitamin C as it’s very important, but the juice is to give your liver a bit of sugar to work with. Try a spoonful of raw local honey. I just saw that recommended and tried it, and the first night it worked great! Google “honey for sleep” or something like that and you’ll see the explanation. You may not even need the cocktail.

  23. Kayla says:

    Hi, I would love to try this cocktail & see if it works. A few times in the past year I’ve been waking in the middle of the night. Sometimes I’m awake for a few hours & other times I go straight back to sleep. On the nights where I don’t fall back to sleep the next day is a nightmare for me.
    Is the another substitute for cream of tarter? I’m asking as I live in Austria & I know they use baking power instead of cream of tarter. Could I also use baking powder, maybe u could give it a try.

    • Kayla says:

      So, I tried this cocktail last night & I slept through. I woke at 1 in the morning for the toilet & fell straight back to sleep. I also then woke at 2.30 & felt like crying as I thought I’d be awake all night. But the next thing I knew I woke and it was 7.15 in the morning. I feel great that I’ve had a great sleep. I try again tonight and report back to you.

  24. Fred says:

    Does having adrenal gland failure lower a man’s testosterone?

    • robin says:

      Question. Have been trying the cocktail no significant results yet . However one significant change , I know this might not sound to great but , my stools are now sinking , before they would float. Any specific reasons for this ?

    • Mike Xavier says:

      Fred the low Testosterone can come from lack of sleep, which can be caused by the adrenals waking you up at night. So there might be a link.

    • Robert says:

      I don’t know if the gland failure lowers testosterone, but lack of adequate sleep and high stress kills testosterone levels! Mine dropped to 233, now that I have dropped the stress and sleep deeper, my testosterone has gone up to 599.

      Get rest- do what you can to reduce stress. So worth the effort. Life is too short.

    • Liz says:

      Yes it would. This is because the body prioritises which hormones it makes if it has to chose because of poor nutrition or other factors. If it has to chose between adrenaline and testosterone, it will make adrenaline. Survival mechanism.

  25. Susanelizabeth says:

    I’m a type Diabetic and can’t do orange juice in the evening or my sugar would spike(I could drink it and tk insulin for it bbut not sure if that would defeat the purpose ). I’m on an insulin pump. I already to 1/2 salt twice daily however. Can I add it to a raw veggie juice as I do alot of juicing.

    • Cindy says:

      Susanelizabeth: I’ve been working with this for about a month now. I use a fruit juice with a bit less carbs but still maybe more than you would want. But what I’ve been doing is adding a scoop of protein powder 17 gms and that turned the corner for me. I sleep through to 6 AM now. I use Swanson’s grass fed whey protein powder. But I think I might try a vege juice too as I try to keep my sugars down just to avoid problems. I’m also finding I only need this cocktail every other night or even every third night now. So I’m suspecting/hoping my liver is better as a result of getting better sleep.

      I also take a scoop of the powder sometime during the day too trying to build up the liver glycogen. Not sure if that’s the right way to think about all this but it’s made a huge difference for me.

      I’d like to thank this website for developing this and giving it to us for free. It’s the only thing….and I’ve tried many things short of drugs…that has worked for me.

      • Doreen says:

        Are you saying that you mix together the juice, the cream of tartre and the salt with the protein powder? And are you using the same measurements as stated?
        I’ve been waking after 4-5 hours of hard sleep..usually at 3 am EVERY night since menopause as a consequence I’m Adrenal fatigued and hypoglycemic. Cannot drink OJ. I want to try this tonight.
        Thanks- :)

  26. sassy lou says:

    Try fenugreek at night before bed. It helps keep the caffeine effect from the liver waste down so you stay asleep.



    • Anna says:

      I tried this last night. Went to sleep as usual and woke at 6:30 AM!! Wonderful! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

      What I’d like to know is how does a person increase their glycogen in the liver since that is the cause of waking at 3 AM? I was fine until a few years ago. So I would like to get at the cause. But in the meantime this is a wonderful aid.

    • Linda says:

      Hi Ceci, you would be best to find a holistic nutritionist that could help with the supplements.

      They do say here that you can also take this cocktail in the morning as well. I did that today….can’t say I feel one way or the other as I feel fairly good most of the time.

      I slept great the first night I took it but last night, woke as usual so thought I’d add the daily dose to see if that helps.

      But you might check out a type of exercise that could help you too.

      It’s called T-Tapp. Here is a link that explains it:


      They also have a message board with fabulous people that can answer any questions you have about it.


      Best of luck to you. And kudos for seeking out something other than what the medical industry has to offer which is NOTHING. It takes more work and money but it’s worth it in the long run to get and stay healthy.

  28. Nancy says:

    I did the cocktail only once right before bed, about 10 p.m. I woke up 2 hours later with a heart racing so fast it scared me. Stayed up for 2-3 more hours to get calmed down. This never happened before I drank the cocktail. Wonder what happened.


      Nancy,that happens to me everyday, without drinking the cocktail,its awful.I m going to try the cocktail tonight to see if it goes away.

    • Theresa says:

      Have you tried it again since this happened? If not do you know what caused your reaction?

    • Harriet says:

      Salt is a stimulant so it was probably that. I can feel it in my heart area too after taking it…..rather uncomfortable. But I still get to sleep. I’ve had varying results. Last night I still woke but around 4 AM, went right back to sleep and slept until 8 AM which is very rare for me.
      I’m sure this formula was thought our very carefully but I’m wondering if cutting everything in half would have the same affect but without the uncomfortable heart affect. I guess I’ll just try it and find out ;o)

    • Vanessa says:

      How old are you? I went through that racing heart or palpitations during peri-menopause. On the other side of all that now.

  29. Mayra says:

    Hi! I take Magnesium (sleep calm) every night, is it ok to continue taking it even if I am taking the OJ recipe? If ok which should I have first and how much time should I wait between each one. Thanks for sharing this!

    • We can’t speak to that particular product Mayra. You may want to check with the manufacturer. If it doesn’t react badly with the individual ingredients (commonly found in everyday food) then you can probably give it a shot. Let us know how it goes. – The RejuvInstitute Team

  30. Kim says:

    Curious if anyone else had slightly disrupted sleep on the first night’s attempt? Followed the recipe exactly. Of so, what did you do differently to achieve better results? Thanks!

    • Hi Kim,

      We would need a little more detail to answer this question. It almost sounds like you were sleeping well and this caused slightly disrupted sleep, but of course, this is for people who are typically not sleeping well. That said, one night is usually not a good indicator, so give it a few more tries and let us know what you find. – The RejuvInstitute Team

  31. John says:

    What can we do if we wake up at 3am even after taking the cocktail at night?

  32. Irene says:

    How long can I take the cocktail? How do I know when my adrenals are healed and I can stop taking the cocktail or do I just keep drinking it?

  33. Guy says:

    ok i scotta ask this seems pretty obvious, if the reason for half a teaspoon of cream of tartar is for the potassium content which is 247 mg and a half cup of orange juice has 235 mg potassium why not just skip the cream of tartar and have a full cup of orange juice which has 470 mg of potassium with a half teaspoon of himilayan salt?

    approximately the same potassium content so whats with the cream of tartar is it just to make this more complicated and seem like more of a mixture/potion then it really needs to be?

    • Jas says:

      Good point. Maybe they wanted to reduce the total sugar/calories that people would be consuming?

      • Great question Guy and exactly right Jas. The orange juice provides sugar and some potassium, but you definitely don’t want too much sugar before bed, hence the cream of tartar.

  34. Guy says:

    i can’t find cream of tartar here and i don’t think its something people in my country use (or maybe they call it something else here). but if its potassium were looking for then straight potassium should work which i can order from a health food/supplement store.

    also i did pick up a product called losalt which is 33% sodium and 66% potassium so i’m going to give that a try with OJ and c how that works.

    i wake up every single day at around 3am it sux.

  35. Mari says:

    Hi. I one 33 year body builders I am 3 of his year(70 kg, 169 cm). My low carbohydrate diet van( 200g ch), and I wake up with all nights dawn around 1. Is when to urinate, but sometimes only some. Can he give an advice to me? Is this because of the little carbohydrate? Once, I never wake up in the first year. I test what he suggested in the article now, but if he may be I would ask some council. During a mass increase (high ch) was not like this.

  36. JP says:

    Could a raw orange be substituted for the orange juice? What is the benefit of the juice vs. the fruit itself? Thank you!

  37. Stef says:


    This has worked for me but I am concerned about the amount of salt. Too much salt can lead to high blood pressure and all sorts of other problems. Will it wirk if I cut out the salt, or just use a pinch?

    • Good question Stef. You can try that, but the salt is a key part of the recipe. You could also cut salt from other parts of your diet or monitor yourself to see if it makes a difference after all. Good luck!

  38. sam says:

    I have been having sleep problems for the past 10 years and I took this cocktail last night and I felt like someone had injected me with some sleep medication. I have never slept like this in a long time. thanks a lot. will continue to take this cocktail until my adrenal gland is replenished.

  39. Mk says:

    Still no answers for Diabetics or those who are insulin resistant? I’m pretty sure drinking 1/2 c of any juice without protein would cause insulin surge. Thoughts?

    • Sorry for the delayed response!

      We have had diabetics report success with dark grape juice. Maybe consult the glycemic index and find a juice that has will provide sugar without sending you over the edge.

      Please also work with your physician if you are going to try anything. Good luck!

      • Kim says:

        I’ve seen people suggesting you could use lime or lemon juice. I was thinking of trying that from a concentrate as I don’t want high sugars or a need to buy crappy juices. I’d use fresh but can’t always have fresh fruits around. Any suggestions IF this would work or how much concentrate I’d need? (I’d imagine not 1/2 cup!) I’ve seen people say tomato juice too, does this work?

        • Hi Kim. These are all fair questions. You can try different juices, but the one that seems to get the best results is orange. Look at what others are saying, do some healthy experimentation and find what works best for you.

    • Ann says:

      Just put the Cream of Tartar and salt in a glass of water, and take a vitamin c pill at the same time. The juice is just a way of getting the vitamin c, and since it’s a liquid it makes a perfect medium for the cream of tartar and salt. You really just need to put them in a liquid to drink – doesn’t matter what. You’re right – it doesn’t make sense to take something to heal your adrenals, if it’s going to raise your blood sugar! No one really has any business drinking juice like that anyway – it’s really just a glass of liquid sugar. It doesn’t matter if a person has blood sugar issues or not – that much concentrated fructose isn’t good for anyone.

      I also make a whole-food vitamin c tea out of rosehips and hibiscus flower leaves, and I put my cream of tartar and salt in that. Rosehips and hibiscus flowers are very high in vitamin c, and three cups per day equals a good serving of vitamin c per day.

    • Leaking Ink says:

      I am a type 2 Diabetic. I took this cocktail at 11:00 p.m., using
      fresh-squeezed orange juice from my grocery store’s Appy Dept
      (Natalie’s brand)’ 1/2 Tsp Pink Himalayan Salt, 1/2 Tsp
      Cream of Tartar, I Magnesium capsule, 1Tsp MCT Oil. My blood
      sugar was 92 when I went to bed at 11:00 p.m. I usually have Dawn Phenomenon where my blood sugar is much higher in the morning. My blood
      sugar was 55 this morning.

  40. KarenL says:

    Hi, the first night I tried the cocktail I woke up very thirsty, so the next two nights I reduced the salt to 1/4 tsp, but kept the CoT at 1/2 tsp. However, on both these nights I woke up in the early hours again.

    How important is the balance of Salt to Cream of Tartar? I.e. should I reduce the CoT to 1/4 tsp or live with being thirsty? Thanks for the advice!

    • If it worked for you the first night, it may make sense to live with being a thirsty. Maybe try to hydrate better in addition to using the regular recipe.

    • Ann says:

      Karen – you need to keep the balance of potassium and sodium equal. That’s why the recipe is written that way. Your adrenals need a balance of the two, but you may be high in sodium already. You can be tested for sodium and potassium levels, but they should be fairly balanced.

  41. Donna says:

    I have taken a 6 vial saliva cortisol test which shows I have high cortisol at 2 am and 4 am which falls dramatically about 6-7 am. I am currently trying Seriphos to lower my nighttime cortisol. I seem to get adrenaline surges around 3 am or so and cannot fall back to sleep until 7 am. Would the cocktail be appropriate for me?

  42. Doug says:

    I tried this last night but I still woke at 3, however I slept like a baby otherwise and I’m filled with energy! However, how close to bed should this be taken? I usually like to read for about an hour until I fall asleep, maybe I should try drinking the cocktail when I start feeling particularly sleepy as opposed to an hour before?

    • Two things to note here Doug.

      1. People regularly report gradual improvements in their sleep as they use this recipe, so see how things go the next couple nights.

      2. Everyone’s body responds differently, so experiment with different times and find what works best for you.

      Sweet dreams!

  43. Robin Miller says:

    I have tried the cocktail for the past two nights. Unbelievable!! The first night I drank it at bedtime. Fell asleep quickly, and never opened my eyes until my alarm sounded. The second night I reduced the Celtic salt to 1/4 tsp., which made the drink much better tasting, and drank it 20 minutes before bedtime. At 2 am I opened my eyes to see the time, and went right back to sleep. I have so much more energy and focus during the day. The best sleep I have had in years! A true miracle! Thanks for the recipe. I shared it with my daughter who has been struggling sleeping at night. I can’t wait to see if it works for her.

  44. amy says:

    Just found this site. Being waking 3am and wide awake, unable to fall back asleep for a month now. (have long standing insomnia for 10+ years but that was always difficulty falling asleep, never staying asleep). I just got the ingredients for the cocktail here as I am desperate. I didn’t know what cream of tartar was but after some googling, I see it may not be good with my prescription for Propranolol. I take 20mg propranolol most days (didn’t take today) before I go out of the house. I was wondering how many hours should be spaced between the propranolol and the cocktail or if not to take in the same day?? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Amy. Thanks for asking.

      That question is one that you would need to ask your doctor. When medication is involved, we never suggest experimenting with even simple remedies that may create complications unless your doctor has been consulted first.

  45. Sue Wilkinson says:

    I understand you need the sugar to feed the liver. But OJ can be high in sugars and may encourage insulin resistance. Do you think there would be enough sugars in milk to replace the OJ with milk? It’s a food, contains sugars and also fats which are good for energy.

    Just wondering if anyone has tried it this way?

  46. Steve says:

    REJUVINSTITUTE WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS… damn pharmacists can’t compare to you. I ordered cream of tartar and himalayan sea salt which will be coming in tomorrow. I used banana grape juice (citrus allergy) and normal sea salt instead. I had one of the best sleeps so far due to the fact i woke up at 6 and fell right back asleep. I didn’t even notice. I hope day 2 or 3 will allow me ! keep up the good work Mr. Kent!

  47. Steve says:

    I am 18 years old maintaining good health working out two times a day and working an 8 hour job… started this tiring cycle not so long ago. I began to wake up at 3 am about a week ago feeling paranoid and alert. It takes me an hour to sleep and my itchy skin doesn’t help. I’m going to try this with grape juice and i’ll let you know how effective it is. I got high hopes

  48. Brooke says:

    I am curious how this is different than gaterade. Very very happy with the results of the cocktail !!! Thank you !!!!

  49. Linda says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!! My husband who has a very high stress-level job has not been able to sleep for years. I forced (and I mean forced) him to choke down this cocktail. He was very skeptical and making fun but guess what. IT WORKED!!!!
    Nothing has worked for him over the last 15 years. He has been taking ambien forever. He told me after a week of this that he is sleeping through the night for the first time. He even said he might be able to go without his ambient!!!!!! I would love for him to be off ambien. It’s not a healthy drug to be on long term.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing. We are both sleeping like babies.

  50. Brett Y says:

    I’ve been trying your recipe and it seems to work after a few days.
    From what I’ve been reading elsewhere, it seems the issue is cortisol regulation. If is out of whack, then these adrenaline rushes occur.
    I suffered from Seasonal affective disorder in the past (SAD) and I use a sun lamp in the morning and in the evening during the winter as needed.
    I am getting these rushes during the summer, but I think its that the later sunset are throwing off my internal clock.
    So I will try my sunlamp in the morning and at 5pm for the next few days to see if this, along with your recipe will fix my problem.

    • Brett Y says:

      Just wanted to update everyone and give my solution.
      I tried the fix and it worked some days and not others.
      The solution, for me has been light therapy.
      Waking up has occured, for me, during the summer where its light outside until 8:30pm.
      So I did some research based on my history with SAD and I am suffering from Early Morning Awakening insomnia.
      The light therapy solution for early insomnia is right at sunset (830pm), I turn on my bright sun lamp and leave it on until midnight. The idea is to reset your internal clock.
      Do this for 2 consecutive nights.
      After the first 2 days, keep the lamp on from sunset til you go to sleep.
      Here is a link to that article. (PDF Download)

      • Thanks for the info Brett!

        It sounds like your issue wasn’t stress based, so no real surprises in terms of the cocktail being only marginally beneficial. That said, we are thrilled that you pursued answers until you found a solution. Well done!

  51. Serene says:

    I’ve been waking up at 3 – 5am in the morning for about 5 months. After trying the cocktail yesterday I now wake up at 1 but is able to sleep immediately. I was wondering if I should continue taking this cocktail? When must I stop taking?
    Can I eat a banana as a substitute for this?

    Please reply ASAP!

    • Great questions Serene!

      The answer to all of them is that everyone is different, so see what works best for you. The goal is for you to sleep through the night, so if you find your sleep getting better, then it probably makes sense to continue using the cocktail. Similarly, if you find that a banana works, great! If you are satisfied with your sleep, then experiment with skipping the cocktail and see what happens. It is also a good idea to search for other areas of stress in your life because those are probably what caused the problem in the first place. Wellness is a holistic process, so pay attention to your body and work to make small improvements every day.

      If you want a personal wellness checkup, we’d be happy to talk you through what we see. Here is the form to fill out: http://www.rejuvinstitute.com/wellness-checkup-by-rejuvinstitute

      • Melissa says:

        Thank you for sharing this “cocktail.” I have been routinely waking at 3 am for about a year. And maybe once a week I wouldn’t wake up at 3, but then I’d be up for the day at 4:30-5 am. I am so thankful this worked for me.
        I tried Melatonin, lavender, milk…anything! And this finally worked.

        Thank you again!!

  52. Vicky says:

    Hi. I am at the end of my first trimester of pregnancy, and was just wondering if you know if this is safe to take while pregnant. I’ve been waking around 3 each night and am up for about 2 hours, only to doze for about an hour or so until 6:30 when I wake to get my family ready for the day. This means I’m nodding off at my desk by about 1 p.m. and practically falling asleep at the dinner table. I’ve tried going to sleep earlier, I’ve tried going to sleep later, teas, etc, nothing has helped.


  53. Paul says:

    Hi Guys,

    I’m interested in trying your cocktail but I’ve been doing some reading up on adrenal fatigue and most sites say that orange juice is the worst thing for it and some sites say the same about potassium. As your cocktail involves both can you please address this issue for my peace of mind?


    • Hi Paul,

      Sorry for the delayed response to this. It has been a hectic spring!

      The answer to your question is that there are people on both sides of the fence when it comes to adrenal fatigue. About 90% of the responses that we get about the Adrenal Cocktail are positive. We have no commercial interest in it, so the only reason we leave it up is because people report great success. That said, don’t ignore your intuition. If you don’t think it will be good for your body, then maybe it’s best to pass on this one.

    • Ann says:

      I’m sure you must be talking about Dr. Wilson’s book “Adrenal Fatigue The 21St Century Stress Syndrome” where he states that potassium is not good for adrenals. I was confused about that as well, but what my ND, and many others say is that it’s not the potassium itself that is bad, it’s having your sodium and potassium out of balance that is harmful. That’s why the adrenal cocktail recipe listed here has equal parts of cream of tartar and sea salt – so you are taking them in a balanced proportion.

  54. krairi says:

    thank you so much for this miraculus coktail after weeks of weaking up at 3am precisely due to high adrelanile of a new business start up after taking the coktail only 4 or 5 times now i m back to my normal sleeping times thank u so much for sharing it it s so kind of u
    have a great day all

  55. Louise says:

    I have been drinking the cocktail for about a week now and it really works…I was waking at 3am every day..now I sometimes still wake but fall back asleep straight away or I sleep til at least 4 or 5am..
    I will keep drinking, thank you for the remedy!!!

  56. Emma says:

    How about fixing the reasons behind the stress? It saddens me to see reports from sp many people living like this for years on end. We really need to rethink how we are living our lives if we are effected like this on a daily basis for a period of years.

    • We totally agree with you Emma. Thanks for pointing that out! It can be a viscous cycle because when people stop sleeping well they have an even harder time dealing with stress than before. As a result, sleep tends to be the low hanging fruit, but addressing the stress is an essential part of the process.

  57. caroline says:

    My partner and I have tried the recipe for 3 night’s now and neither us us have noticed any difference. Do we need to wait longer before there is any effect? Had high hopes for this after years of insomnia and sleeping pills but it seems this is yet another remedy that doesn’t, work……..

  58. Jane says:

    I have been getting up between 2:30 & 3 am for about 4 years
    With the rare week of being able to sleep straight.
    I started taking your remedy about 3 months ago and after 2 weeks I started
    to sleep straight 7-8 hours.Thank you soo much
    for making this remedy public it’s a miracle.
    QUESTION-Is it safe to take indefinitely? I stopped
    for 2 weeks and started the bad sleep again.
    I started taking the remedy again yesterday.

  59. Ann R says:

    After years of waking up at 3:00 (8-10 years), I tried your mixture and I have been sleeping soundly for the past week. A couple of times the dog or my husband has woken me up but I appropriately feel sleepy, not wide awake, and am able to go back to sleep again. After describing my symptoms to a pharmacist several years ago, she correctly assessed the situation to be an adrenaline issue and suggested I go to a naturopath/holistic doctor. I never did but instead went to a regular MD who gave me lorazepam, which does not address the underlying issue. Anyway, thank you for this simple cure. My question now is, will my glycogen not be overly used since my sleep cycle is being corrected so that I will only need the “potion” for a short period of time or is this a long term need?

  60. vidya says:

    can we drink or eat something sugary at 3am and then go to bed…will that solve the problem of liver getting the glycogen as it needs

  61. Missy says:

    My husband has been having this problem for months now and tried the OJ recipe last night. He still woke up, but around 1:30 instead. The strange thing is, he came down with a major migraine this afternoon. Could it be related to the cream of tartar? He has a dairy allergy which causes migraines but cream of tartar is dairy free. Any ideas? He would like to try it again to see if it helps his sleep, but would be afraid of the migraine returning.

    • Missy,

      The two events may or may not be related. Some people drink the cocktail for 3+ nights before getting results. Is your husband willing to risk another migraine for the opportunity to get better sleep? Maybe that is your answer.

  62. 3boysmom says:

    Please let me know of alternative for Type 1 diabetics. If I drink even 1 swallow of OJ my blood sugars SOAR! I am stressed severely during the past year and am dying to sleep past 2:30/3am. Sometimes I fall asleep at 5am heavily and then need to turn around and get up again! help anybody?

  63. Tricia says:

    My daughter wakes up every couple of hours every night. She is 4 years old and she doesn’t seem to be getting any better sleeping habits no matter what I have tried. Is this safe for children her age to try?

  64. Elaine Trovato says:

    I must admit, I was very skeptical. I wake up every couple hours and stay awake. I hate medication so I thought I’d give this a try. I tried this for close to a week and noticed while I woke up once or twice, it was not WIDE awake, as if I was only half awake..and I never had to get up or stayed awake, I went right back to sleep. I thought it was my imagination so one night I decided not to drink the cocktail. I was WIDE awake again and for long periods of time!!! I immediately went back to the cocktail and have had great results. I am convinced this potion is a miracle, Thanks so much!!!!!

  65. alhrene says:

    will it be okay for me, because im an acidic?

  66. Lucia says:

    My freshman college student is having a hard time falling asleep. I am going to give him this remedy to see if this will help.

  67. Kelsey says:

    I’ve just started experiencing this problem – every morning between 3 and 330! I’m hesitant to try medication because I don’t want to rely on it to get sleep forever! This seems right up my alley, though! Its at least worth a try!! I’m just curious if this it should be consumed right before bed, or just anytime in the evening. I try not to drink liquids 3 hours before bed, because I guess I thought that may have been why I was waking up… Thanks!!

    • Try drinking it pretty close to bedtime. You may need to play with times a bit to figure out what works best for you. Some people report benefits from drinking it in the morning in addition to before bed, but nighttime is key.

  68. Kevin Tscharner says:

    Wow !! Amazing ! This was my problem during almost 3 years. I started taking this 2 weeks ago and after a few days I was sleeping much better. Yesterday I was able to go do a party for the first time !!! Amazing !! ;-) Only one question : my body probably needs some more time to find an equilibrium. However, I feel that though I am much less tired during the day, I have many moments where I have trouble concentrating (paradoxically, more than before). I generally feel a bit sleepy during the day. Should I take less ? I am taking what you recommend for now.

    • Great question Kevin. As you know, the body is an ecosystem and when one part is out of balance, the whole thing can slowly get off track. I wouldn’t think that the O.J. mixture would be causing the concentration issues because it could be any number of things.

      Your best bet is to look at your body as a whole and try to uncover problem areas, then change them and pay attention to the results. If you need some help with this, why don’t you fill out this health form: http://www.rejuvinstitute.com/free-trial. One of our wellness coaches will review it and call you with some suggestions.

  69. ross says:

    I am only 16 but have been suffering for this for months, i weight train so i cant live off this little sleep for much longer, im going to try this tonight as last night was my worst nights sleep to date. Just wondering do i have to do this every single night or once i get my sleep schedule right should i drop it?

  70. Shawn says:

    Thank you for the explanation and information. I wake up every night at 3am. I am under a lot of stress but I just didn’t think the reason would have been stress which make a lot of sense.

    I will try to remedy and have shared the information on my facebook and will continue to share the information.


  71. tina says:

    i go tru stages of waking up at 3 am ,when i do i am wide awake with my heart racing,looking at the time,thinking about the day ahead how will i get tru with only a couple of hours sleep. i try everything from breathing techniques to even praying……in the end i am so worked up i have to get up or twist and turn and then the dreaded time has come to get up and i am so wound up im ready for a day full of anxiety. i am at wits end at the moment with this and feel like i am constantly living on my last nerve!1 my adrenaline is soaring. tonight i found this sight,i have gone to buy oranges and cream of tartar sauce,the shop only has tartar sauce so we will see will it do:0 fingers and toes crossed for a happy nights rest:) keep u posted:0x

    • Brandy says:

      Don’t use Tarter Sauce! That’s what you dip fish in. Cream of Tarter is used alot in baked goods. It should be easily found in the spice section of any grocery store.

    • amy says:

      sounds like me, exactly!! I’m trying this recipe tonight. Cannot function on this little sleep and wired all the time! So sick of it! Hoping and praying this works and I don’t drink juice due to the sugar, but will cause i’m desperate. Hope it worked for you.

  72. Laura says:

    Can you use more orange juice than 1/2 cup? It was a little thick.

  73. Nick says:

    Isn’t 1/2 a teaspoon of Himalayan too much?? I just purchased a bottle of Profusion Himalayan Rose Pink Crystal Salt fine.. 1/2 teasoon just seems like loads.. thanks

  74. shafina syafei says:

    It works. Woke up once at 4am. Tried it last night for the first time after reading the article. I’ve been suffering this for the past 2 years. will continue and update the results.

  75. Mary says:

    Hi, I’m really excited to come across this post. Although I sleep quite well, waking a few times but getting back to sleep, I rarely feel rejuvenated or well rested come morning. I’m just wondering about the cream of tartar. My fear is buying a brand that is only containing substitute ingredients. Ie tesco cream of tartar. Any suggestions regarding this would be appreciated

    • Hi Mary. I am not sure about variations in cream of tartar brands. Most cream of tartar should be the same. If you are concerned about it, why don’t you order some online? McCormick should work. Good luck!

    • Mary says:

      Hi again,
      I’ve been experimenting with the cocktail over the passed few nights. The first two nights I found myself to be sleeping much better. However I became very constipated out of the blue and I am wondering if maybe one of the ingredients is causing it. I would be greatful for any suggestions, thanks

  76. Dan says:

    I read the article and it sounded like me so I decided to try it. I’ve taken the cocktail now for two nights with mediocre results. I definitely notice a difference – I am not nearly as wide awake as I was previously; however, I am still waking up (just falling back asleep and waking up again frequently). I am more rested, but not like you would be if I got a total nights sleep. Any suggestions?

    I was thinking about doubling the amount since I am a big guy (6’7″, 220lbs). Any other thoughts or ideas?

    Thanks for the help, this was the first real solution I’ve found.

  77. Matt says:

    well, I had this problem for the first time, for a couple weeks, this is the first thing Ive tried and it seems to work quite well, I just wish I could have my body working properly like before and not have to use this, however its better than waking up at 3AM every night

    • You make a great point Matt. Maybe your next course of action is to figure out what is causing the issue. Do some research on liver stress and adrenal fatigue to see if any causes make sense.

  78. Joanna says:

    i am thankful for this article. it explained why i woke up at 3am exery night for YEARS. i found the cocktail didnt work for me, but tried milk thistle and now i sleep like a baby :) thanks

  79. Superman says:

    I want to know if it is safe to take during pregnancy.

  80. Mike says:

    I just drank it for the first time and ended up with a clump of salt and tartar at the bottom. Any tips on how to have it mix in

  81. Dawn G says:

    I take standard process supplements to help me sleep.Will this cocktail counteract with them? Also im gluten free does cream of tarter have gluten?

    • Each of these ingredients are gluten free and commonly found in everyday foods. We don’t foresee any issue, but standard process should be able to tell you for sure.

      Good luck Dawn!

  82. leslie says:

    Would love to try this because I have been suffering with this for months now. Since I am in Portugal, they don’t sell cream of tarter here. Any substitute? Thanks!

    • Thanks for asking Leslie. You are going to want to use cream of tartar, but the good news is that you can easily buy it online.

      Just do a search for cream of tartar and you will find it. It is a household baking product. If you need further help, please let us know. We would be happy to assist you in getting some.

  83. Zasha says:

    I tried this and didnt work. Woke up at same time. However I am hypoglycemic, so the orange juice has fructose which is not good for people like me. It brings up blood sugar quickly and then I have a crash which wakes me up. I get up disoriented and shaky, often very thirsty and I pee alot at night. Its best for me not to have a huge dinner right before going to bed. I dont wake up if I eat a baked potato or a small bowl of bran flakes two hours before bed. Also, dont eat chocolate or sweets before bed cuz they will give vivid dreams.

  84. Micky Sheehan says:

    3am eternal. Every night for 16 months. Wide awake…..

    So…. I found this cocktail, got the ingredients (cyprus sea salt) took the potion and went to bed.
    Naturally, i woke – wide awake, and jumped out of bed to pop the toilet etc….
    Got to the landing of the stairs and guess what?? All my family were up and about getting ready for school/work etc? Was it 3am? No. It was 8.15am!!!

    The first of 4 full nights sleep since taking the potion.


  85. Hi, Thanks for this interesting information. My wife is an Air Canada flight Attendant of many years service who has chronic insomnia. We tried the cocktail, but the orange juice energizes her too much for sleep. She is very sensitive to all forms of sugar. Is it okay to use the tartar and Himalayan salt in water or milk instead of orange juice?

  86. Bea says:

    Thank you so much ! This cocktail is amazing and I’m back to sleeping full nights . Thanks for sharing !

  87. Nancy Howe says:

    Is this safe for me to use the recipe? I have liver disease and do not want to cause strain on the liver.

    • I wish I could give you a definite answer Nancy, but unfortunately, that is a question that you need to take to your doctor. That individual will know your specific situation and should be able to give you a clear answer in this case as well.

  88. Barbara Wyman says:

    Hi, I have high blood pressure so the salt worries me. Does the potassium in the cream of tartar balance it out? What happens if you use just the cream of tartar without the salt? I have tried the orange juice with the cream of tartar alone for the last three nights and I actually slept till the morning . . . placebo? I’m worried about the high potassium . . . any advice?

    • Hi Barbara. Sorry it took a few days for us to reply to this one. The short answer is that to my knowledge, potassium does not balance out high blood pressure.

      All three elements are very important to the equation, but the body will still use two of the three if that is all you can take. That may be the reason why your sleep has improved. You may also want to see if there are other areas where you could cut salt in order to use it in this recipe for the sake of sleep.

      Here is an article that may be interesting to you as well: Eating less salt doesn’t cut heart risks: study

      Let us know if there is anything else we can do!

  89. Marion says:

    Funnily enough I came across your article whilst I woke up at 3:09am and decided to google my symptoms and I could not be happier to have come across this article! My mum and I suffer this all the time and I am about to try this tonight! My only worry is that I won’t be able to find Himalayan or Celtic salt- can I use sea salt or another similar alternative? I would really appreciate the help! Thanks again for this!

  90. Barbara says:

    After learning about this natural sleep solution from Matt at a conference, I immediately tried it after returning home. On the third day, a Friday night, I slept for 10 hours with just one wake up! This IS a miracle for me since I have not been able to get restorative sleep for many years, waking up sometimes every hour during the night. On Saturday, the next day, I had so much energy that I did my seasonal house cleaning for 12 hours. I’m so thankful. I’ve shared this recipe with many friends and family.

  91. Lisa says:

    Can I use sea salt instead and does the orange juice have to be fresh squeezed? Thanks! Also, can I use lime or lemon juice instead?

    • You can use sea salt also, we just like himalayan better because it has less exposure to pollution. As far as juice goes, it doesn’t need to be fresh squeezed. Again, orange juice is what we have experience with. I dont think it would be very pleasant to drink 1/2 cup of lemon or lime juice, but it is really about the fruit’s sugar, so it would probably work. Let us know how it goes!

  92. Jennifer R says:

    What if you are allergic to citrus, as I am. What else is a good substitute?

    • Thanks for asking Jennifer. As we told Jami below: “Orange juice definitely works best, but the sugar from the fruit is the key benefit to the equation, so feel free to try other juices. Maybe grape?”. Hope this helps.

  93. Jami says:

    Glad I found this site. Been dealing with 3am wake-ups and exhaustion for a long time, even with prescription sleep meds. I knew the adrenals were involved, but didn’t know what to do about it. This is definitely worth a try.
    Just wondering, what would be a good substitute for the orange juice, as I have citrus allergies? Thank you.

    • Great question Jami! Orange juice definitely works best, but the sugar fromt the fruit is the key benefit to the equation, so feel free to try other juices. Maybe grape? Check back and let us know how it goes!

    • JP says:

      I was skeptical that your “Adrenal Cocktail” would work. I am very happy to say that the first night I tried it, I slept all through the night for the first time in months. It was the “best” sleep that I have had in a long time. I have known that my Adrenal glands have been working overtime due to stressors in my life, but I have not been able to find a way to restore the balance.

      If anyone is suffering from waking up in the middle of the night, I strongly encourage you to try this “cocktail”! I am sure that like me, you have tried various solutions. This remedy worked for me. And the best part is that the ingredients are a fraction of the cost of my insomnia medication.

      One last thought, you should have a Donate button on this page. I would be happy to donate for your time and efforts with helping people with this sleeping disorder!

      • It’s always a pleasure to provide aid to the suffering JP! That is what we are here for, so let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Thank you for sharing your story and thanks for your donation offer! Feel free to offer a donation to your favorite charity on our behalf.

        • 3boysmom says:

          I’m so envious of these results! Problem w/ me is I am a Type 1 diabetic…and orange juice sends my blood sugar soaring like no other thing! I have been waking up at 3am for SO long and want relief! Am using RX for sleep and still wake up. Melatonin helps me little. Think I allergic now to Kava Kava b/c of overuse too. :( Help?

  94. Shawn says:

    I have been very stressed over work for years. And I have been waking in the middle of the night at 3am for a very long time. Now, I am starting to wake earlier. Like 1:30-2:00am. I usually go to bed by 11:00pm, I read and fall asleep- no problem. I have tried everything I can think of, including PM meds like Tylenol w/ diphenhydramine and every other OTC med. I’ve tried more homeopathic remedies than I can think of. All to no long term success. I will try your suggestion and report back- thank you!!

    • This is definitely worth a shot Shawn. We have seen it work for so many people who had “tried everything else”. Rest assured, we dont own a ton of orange juice stock, so we wouldn’t be suggesting it if it didn’t work almost all the time.

      Good luck and let us know how it goes!

  95. Janet says:

    I tried this for three nights in a row and the first two nights I still woke up but noticed the pain in the middle and lower back was gone. For the first time in over three years of trying every pain releaver you can name the pain was gone. Last night (the third night) I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in many years. I woke up and could not belive I did not even wake up once! Thanks so much for this recipe! I will share this with anyone I know with the same problem

    • mkent says:

      Thanks Janet! Stories like this are the only reason that we do what we do. We couldn’t be happier for you. Thanks for having the courage to try new things in pursuit of a better life.

  96. Kristie Chesney says:

    Does this work immediately or does it take a while? Thanks for any info:)

    • Matt Kent says:

      Hi Kristie! Great question. Most people report immediate results because the liver is getting what it needs for the night. Let us know how it works for you.


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